Lanie Hudson Brooke Mosteller Bree Boyce - Miss SC 2011Desiree Puglia Tori Sizemore Taylor Fitch
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  • If You Were Not in the Top 10...


    If you were not in the top 10, you weren't a Deb Sofield client.
    If you’re in any pageant system that has an interview, don’t go before the judges until you come and see Deb Sofield. She’s not a former beauty queen and she's not a pageant mom – she is a winning pageant interview coach who understands the interview process. Simply put: her girls win at the local, state and national level.

  • What makes Deb Sofield’s pageant coaching different?


    Callie Martin

    Deb doesn't do hair and make-up. She doesn’t care what you wear or how you wave. She is your Interview Coach – not your pageant coach. Remember, this is about you! Together, we will polish up your best skills without re-making you into someone you’re not— it's hard to win when you’re expected to be someone you're not. Deb keeps up with all major news stories and current events so she’ll keep you up to date and build your knowledge through positive reinforcement. Deb doesn't believe in tearing you down to build you up – she’ll build you tall from where you stand.

    National High School Rodeo Queen - Callie Martin

  • Successful Winners


    Deb has worked successfully with the Miss America, Miss America Outstanding Teen, Miss USA, Miss USA Teen, Little Miss & Teen Miss, Rodeo and Watermelon pageants nationwide. Many of her clients are current title winners or have placed in the Top 5 and 10 and 15 – locally, statewide and nationally.

    2014 Miss South Carolina – Lanie Hudson

    2014 Miss South Carolina - 4th Runner Up – Callie Martin

    2014 Miss South Carolina Teen – 3rd Runner Up – Amanda Compton

    2013 Miss South Carolina - Brooke Mosteller

    2013 Miss South Carolina - 1st Runner Up - Lindley Mayer

    2013 Miss South Carolina Teen USA - Tori Sizemore

    2013 Miss South Carolina Teen - 1st runner up - Brooklyn Garrett, 4th runner up - Amanda Compton

    2012 Miss South Carolina Teen - 2nd Runner Up - Tori Sizemore & 3rd Runner Up - Sydney Ford

    2011 Miss South Carolina - Bree Boyce

    2011 Miss South Carolina Teen - Caitlen Patton

    2010 Miss South Carolina - Desiree Puglia

    2010 National High School Rodeo Queen - Callie Martin

    2009 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen - Taylor Fitch

    And the list goes on....

  • Custom-Tailored One-of-a-Kind Program


    Deb’s custom-tailored one-of-a-kind program includes expert interview training; video coaching and teaching that make her clients winners. If you dream of hearing them call your name, walking the red carpet, acknowledging the cheering crowd – click on the contact Deb link and email me today!

  • Don’t Waste Your Time & Money On Other Coaches


    Deb Sofield, Pageant Interview Coach, knows how to win and she has the clients to prove it. Don’t waste your time on former pageant queens who could never win a title or on coaches who have never won. Don't waste your money on a book of questions that someone says you need to know to win. It's not like that and you know it. Pageant coaches are for pageants – Interview Coaching is for Winning – Deb Sofield is the coach to the stars.